Hear the

Woodpecker's Drum!

TIKKA is Finnish for woodpecker. We altered the word a tiny bit and added a Y to make room for a neat little individual twist. Because Y not?

TYKKA is all about nature and individualism. We love our products and design them to stay as true to their natural roots as possible. We do not use any chemical colors or varnishes. Instead, we would like you to behold the beauty of the original materials, their grain and their texture. We are proud of nature’s little imperfections, they render our products special and unique. You can almost scent the fresh mountain breeze, feel the rugged burl of the age-old trees in the vast woodlands and hear the distant drumming of the woodpecker by just looking at them. Each one of our frames is called after its own spirit animal, we hope you to reconnect to nature through them and have a little fun finding out their meaning.

TYKKA stands for sustainability and moving in tune with our natural roots. We design eyewear and accessories for people who live in balance with their inner self and their environment. Our aim is to assist you in better spotting the world’s beauty - see the world through the woodpecker’s eyes, always drumming your own rhythm.


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